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Feature story on Sarah Bernhardt of Millersville, a swimmer who is improving quickly after a late start to her competitive swimming career.

Millersville junior Sarah Bernhardt didn’t start out as a swimmer. In fact, she didn’t start swimming competitively until her sophomore year of high school.

“I was originally a dancer,” explains Bernhardt. “I started dancing when I was five and danced for 10 years at a semi-professional ballet company. I was dancing 30-40 hours a week and it was incredibly intense. After 10 years, it just got to be a lot to deal with. I wanted to have a change. I had a couple friends on the swim team at my high school and they said ‘why don’t you try it out? You want something different!’ I went with that and I had no clue I’d have this much success in it.” Read more…

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