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A Title IX piece on UCLA’s head women’s basketball coach in conjunction with the school’s Title IX 40th Anniversary celebrations.

Sports were a way of life for UCLA head women’s basketball coach Cori Closeduring her childhood in Milpitas, Calif.

“I was the only girl in my neighborhood,” said Close. “My dad was a teacher and coach, but I really just wanted friends. If you wanted friends, then you played football in the street with the boys. You played basketball and pick-up games. I grew up doing whatever those boys in my neighborhood did, because those were the families we were close with.” Read more…

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I spent 14 years working in professional and (mostly) collegiate Sports Information/Media Relations offices. Now I am a freelance writer, primarily covering softball, women's basketball and mens & women's swimming and diving for NCAA.com. I have worked full-time in five NCAA Division I Conferences (4 BCS Conferences) and with National Coaching Associations, and I am the media coordinator for the Cathedral City Classic softball tournament.
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